Double Mastectomy – Direct to Implants 1.6 – Empowered Mastectomy

Double mastectomy with both nipples removed

Double mastectomy both nipples removed

I had a double mastectomy with both nipples removed and immediate reconstruction with implants, as I previously had implants already. I had a very large tumor close to the surface of the skin which is why I have the second scar on the left breast. I think they did an amazing job with what they had to work with that was left over. But they are, of course, quite lumpy and morph into strange shapes depending on what bra I wear. And the animation shifting is constant. I recently finished radiation and I will eventually be getting revision surgery to fix some of the damage from it.


After breast cancer results

Being in a place I never imagined myself to be in (breast cancer), I am coming to terms with my new breasts and grateful I can have them at all.


Breast cancer nipple removal