Loopy LaLay, Artist inspired by Mastectomy Patients

Hi, I’m Anna. I work as a nurse and I live in Ireland. My body inclusive art is inspired by the people I have met and who I connect with in my job.



Loopy la_lay art

I am creative by nature, I love decorating, cross stitch, gardening, home decor, and art. I couldn’t find my place with art for a long time but I loved following other people’s journeys, I loved watching videos of people creating beautiful pieces.

I believe all art has a message but I love creating art that I can connect with and that others can relate to! I absolutely love to hear your feedback, so please if there is anything YOU would love to see created, I would love to try and do that because if you would like to see it, chances are others would too!

I am always creating something new, so keep checking in.

I started the Empowered Mastectomy Fund to donate proceeds from my art sales to help give small acts of kindness to breast cancer patients.

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute is a Nonprofit organization that I feel passionate about through support and donation.

Mastectomy Empowered Art