Implants 10.6

Diagnosed at 30 years old, I opted for an aggressive surgical option to avoid radiation and get peace of mind. I had a skin sparing bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction to tissue expanders. 3 months of 120cc expansions every two weeks (100cc from surgery, 90cc first expansion). 3 months at full expansion and then 790cc mentor implants.

There are a few things I wish I had known, not because it would have changed my decisions but just that I would have had better expectations. Reconstruction is a long process. It moves so slowly so don’t wait to live your life. Expanders feel like rocks and made me look like a footballer. It’s temporary. The implants are so soft. Once you get them put in it’s normal to keep feeling yourself up. The implants are probably not your last surgery, many people experience rippling and will need revisions. Up to you if that’s what you want. It’s difficult to control your body temperature. The implants can feel like ice packs on your chest.
I will be having nipple reconstruction once our hospital reopens their operating room capacities. In the picture, I have on silicone prosthetic nipples from the company Pink Perfect.

Surgeon: Dr. Chris Coroneos, Juravinski Hospital

Hamilton, Ontario Canada