Implant reconstruction, nipple sparing single mastectomy 11.0

I was diagnosed in March 2019 with high grade DCIS in my left breast after finding a lump 3 months earlier. I had to fight and fight for an appointment as I was told “I’m too young.”

They refused any scans or other tests after finding the DCIS, as they stated they caught it early. I was told that due to the size of the DCIS, I’d need a single nipple-sparing mastectomy and I opted for an immediate implant reconstruction, as I knew that my mental health would suffer going flat. I was warned that I may need my nipple removed if they found the cancer present, but thankfully they didn’t.

What they did find was a stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma hidden behind the DCIS, which had also spread to all of my lymph nodes. A three hour operation turned into 9.5 hours instead.
I woke up sore and starving, with 4 drains coming out of my sides.

The pain wasn’t too bad and I was told off for moving about too much.

After 5 days, all drains were removed. The nurse tried to pull the drain without cutting the stitch first- bloody ouch I tell ya!

Due to them finding the stage 3, I now needed chemo and radiation.
I had my chemo and my breast was healing nicely. Then on to radiation, which totally destroyed my implant.

It’s now rock hard and solid. It does not move, the skin is super tight, and I have capsular contraction. I’m looking into an exchange but I’m also worried in case anything goes wrong and I’m left flat. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but for me it’s not the right choice.

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Surgeon: Dr Sharma at St. George’s hospital in London, UK