Flat to Implants to DIEP 9.9

It took me 4 years to feel comfortable with my new foobs. I’m sorry but I’m just not the feel good story of waking up post op feeling wonderful. I had my double mastectomy at 20 after finding a PTEN mutation.

After all 3 reconstruction options I’ve finally found my forever foobs! I was flat at first (wasn’t for me and that’s a okay!), then expanders to implants, and finally DIEP flap!

My advice to newcomers is find your village (if you don’t have one yet… Make one) because as strong as you are doll this sh*ts alot easier with someone by your side. P.S I’m more than happy to be a part of your village.

Surgeon: Dr.Duffy at Texas Center for Breast Reconstruction.

Instagram: @Missmaddieo