Flat closure 8.4

As we start October, breast cancer awareness month, I just wanted to share what breast cancer looks like. It’s NOT about pretty little pink ribbons!!!

What breast cancer looks like

My mom died of breast cancer when she was just 50, I was 14 and I remember thinking to myself if I ever heard the words, “you have breast cancer “, that I would not want fake blobs on my chest to pretend like I still had breasts!!! My surgeon didn’t offer me flat as an option!!! I told him that this is what I wanted and he tried to convince me to get reconstruction. He told me that I wouldn’t look like a woman!!! He even brought in his female nurse who also tried to talk me out of my decision! In my timid, quiet voice, I spoke up and told them that I didn’t want reconstruction. It was the first time in my life that I actually spoke up for myself!!! It was so empowering and life changing for me!! I don’t need fake, unfeeling blobs on my chest to fit into society!!! I am whole and very much a woman just the way I am!! I have too much respect for my body to put anything artificial in it!!

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My body is a miracle. I am a SURVIVOR!!!
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