Expanders to Implants, prophylactic 9.3

Advice to newcomers: I want women young and old to know that you can do this alone you don’t need a man or a partner to do this. As long as you have a strong support system around you that you can lean on in hard times it will be ok.

I found out I was BRCA 1 when I was 25. I had a double mastectomy with expanders placed at 27. Then I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed and total hysterectomy at 30 in 2020.

25yo Double Mastectomy with expanders

I had a boyfriend when I found out. I was 25. When I told him he didn’t speak to me for a week. I broke up with him after that.

Double Mastectomy after expanders
tissue expanders
Mastectomy drains after removal
drains after removal
  • This is referred to as a “fill.” Every week or so after mastectomy, this is done until you achieve your desired fullness.
  • How a tissue expander is gradually filled in your plastic surgeon’s office.
Tissue expander gradually filled in by plastic surgeon
Exchange surgery from expanders to implants
Dr. Boyd Ottowa, Canada

Surgeon: Dr. Boyd in Ottowa, Canada

IG: Larkk89