Chek2 – Expanders to Implants, nipple sparing 6.2 – Empowered Mastectomy

Chek2 genetic Mutation:

I was told I had a genetic mutation called Chek2 February of 2020. I had the testing due to my mom having breast cancer twice as well as a long family history of breast and other cancers. I was referred to an oncologist to chat about my options where he found a lump. I went through the mammogram, mri with contrast, and a biopsy. I was told what they were seeing was text book signs of cancer. I decided then that I wanted to do the double mastectomy.

Chek2 after Mastectomy - Right breast
This was the first time I saw myself after the bandages were removed. Expanders had about 250-300 of air.

I had a double nipple sparing mastectomy (wish I hadn’t saved the nips now) and expanders placed 10/6/2020.


Chek2  Expanders to Implants, nipple sparing
First expander fill. Replaced the air for 350 ml of saline.

I had an area on my right breast at the nipple that did not heal.

Chek2 breast implants, front view
Night before surgery exchanging the expanders for silicone implants. The expanders were filled with 550 ml of saline.

It opened back up and the expander was visible.

Chek2 breast implants, side view
Chek2 breast implants, side view left breast

The images next are after the exchange surgery…

Chek2 breast implants, after surgery bruising

1 week after exchange

I had exchange surgery and fat grafting done 1/26/2021.

Chek2 breast implants,2 weeks after surgery bruising
2 weeks after exchange


Chek2 breast implants, after surgery stiches
Steri-strips finally off (right nipple).


7 weeks after mastectomy breast implants
7 weeks from exchange.

Overall, I’m pleased. The right side looks off to me but I’m the only one complaining about it! My surgeon says she can fix it if I still want to once I’ve healed. For reference I’m 5’6” and about 195 lbs. My implants are 650 cc smooth silicone.