Expanders to Implants 7.8

I found my 1st breast lump on a Thursday night while showering. 

Stronger than cancer

Not doing an exam; just lathering with soap. I called my OB GYN doctor the next day and made an appointment for Monday. 

Before double mastectomy
Before double mastectomy

I found my SECOND breast lump the Sunday before my appointment; same way; just lathering with soap. After a mammogram, ultrasound, 4 biopsies (1 in my left breast & 3 in right) & an MRI; 6 weeks after my 36th birthday; I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer for all 3 lumps in my right breast.  The left breast was not cancerous. 

After mastectomy surgery, I'm a survivor
After surgery

Triple negative is an aggressive cancer & my oncologist explained it like “weeds popping up in my breasts” & that I would need to start chemo treatment as soon as possible.  I caught is very early on & was consider a stage 2A.  It was not in my lymph nodes so radiation was not needed. 

3 days post mastectomy with expanders
with tissue expanders

I was going on AC chemo followed by Taxol chemo treatment.  During the AC portion; it was found that I have the BRCA1 gene mutation which caused my breast cancer & was inherited from dad (I had him tested to see if he is where it came from). 

4 weeks post mastectomy

They ended up adding a 3rd chemo to my treatment plan.  I was doing chemo for about 5 months.  

400cc post mastectomy


500 cc post mastectomy implants

They did a skin sparring double mastectomy with expanders to implants. 

I choose to have the max 800cc implants put in. 

600 cc post mastectomy implants
After mastectomy implant exchange surgery, post op 1 day
after implant exchange surgery, post op 1 day











10 month post mastectomy implants
10 months post op

Once I was healed & released by my surgeon to get tattooed; I did!  I did a full mastectomy scar cover up tattoo.  I went through a local foundation here in Las Vegas called Ink Ribbon Foundation.

Woman post mastectomy op