Expanders to Implants 5.4

I was diagnosed at 35 on 2/6/2020. I had AC and taxol, dose dense 4 rounds of each. July 14th i had my DMX with expander placement.

AC and taxol, dose dense 4 rounds

I chose to go over the muscle because I preferred the look. It is also an easier recovery. I maintained almost all feeling, which is unusual. 

7 days post DMX expanders
450cc DMX expanders
600cc DMX expanders

I chose not to have my nipples reconstructed. They were never anything special to me so I didn’t feel a desire to try to replace them. I’ll possibly get tattooed nipples someday. 

3 days post exchange 800cc high profile Natrelle implant

There is a bit of difference in the shape of my breasts, in the photos you can see it. I plan on having fat grafting to fill in that dent and to smooth out the small dog ears. 


800cc High profile Natrelle implant
“drop and fluff”

Honestly I love my implants, both how they feel and how they look. They don’t feel foreign to me, like a lot of women say. To me they feel and look like they did when I was 19 years old.