Bilateral Mastectomies – Expanders to Implants 1.9 – Empowered Mastectomy

Bilateral mastectomy with expanders

Bilateral mastectomy with expanders: 9/14/2017 


Exchange expanders for implants: 12/14/2017

Exchange expanders for implants


No scars Mastectomy
No Scars after Mastectomy


Breast after nipple removal no scars


Advice to newcomers: You have access to a very large network of strong women who have been through what you’re facing. Don’t hesitate to reach out, read their blogs, watch their videos, etc. to help you understand, but also remember that every experience is different. 



3D Nipple tattoo after double Mastectomy:


3D Nipple tattoo after double Mastectomy Eric Williams

Tattoo artist: Eric Williams, The Nook in Jefferson City, Missouri USA

Plastic surgeon in Missouri USA is now retired