Bilateral Mastectomies – Direct to Implants 5.3 – Empowered Mastectomy

Bilateral mastectomies with nipple sparing

This is me eight days post direct to implant reconstruction. May 23, 2020.  I had bilateral mastectomies with nipple sparing, inframammary incision, silicone, over the muscle reconstruction. 

Bilateral mastectomies with nipple sparing

The implants are both 330ml.


330ml breast implant after mastectomy
Post mastectomy bruising profile


These are the post-mastectomy photos from March 18, 2021. 10 months post surgery:

After mastectomy front view


mastectomy laying on back front view

This photo was taken April 13. I am lying on my back. You can really see where the implant does not fill the original breast pocket. Both implants are 330 mL Allergan, silicone, soft touch inspira implants. The procedure put them partially under my pectoralis muscle and supported by ADM. It’s still considered over the muscle though. I am very strongly left dominant, so the right breast looks significantly smaller than the left.


Colorado, USA