Prophylactic Double Mastectomy – Direct to Implant, prophylactic 1.3 – Empowered Mastectomy

Prophylactic Double Mastectomy


Designer Mastectomy bra

I had a prophylactic double mastectomy with direct to implant reconstruction on 9/3/2020. On 11/13/2020 I had fat grafting to both implants and scar revision on the scar under the right side. On 4/6/2021 I had my final revision surgery on the right side. The left side had a tighter pocket holding the implant up very nicely while the right side had undergone more trauma during the mastectomy and was unable to hold the implant up as well. We added an alloderm mesh under the right implant and secured it to the chest wall. Loving my results and no future surgeries are scheduled or needed!

Great mastectomy results


Perfect mastectomy implants


Perfect breast after mastectomy



Advice to newcomers: Visit with multiple surgeons and see who you feel most comfortable with and who’s recovery program/pain management you like the most. Random, but ask your surgeon if he/she plans to move out of the state within the next year. I had to find a new plastic surgeon half way through this journey. Very happy with my new surgeon. Him and his team are amazing but wasn’t easy to go through the “finding a doctor process” again mid way through. 
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Surgeon: Dr. Ned Synder Austin, Texas USA