Triple negative intraductal carcinoma – DIEP flap 2.6

After a diagnosis of triple negative intraductal carcinoma stage 3c, I did a total of 16 rounds of aggressive chemo, a mastectomy and a total of 25 lymph nodes removed. 35 rounds of aggressive radiation. Followed by 6 months of oral chemo. After that came the reconstruction surgeries. 

triple negative intraductal carcinoma


In October of 2020, I had a DIEP flap transfer. That’s where they remove a piece of your unwanted fat and build you a breast. So essentially a tummy tuck. That surgery was a total of 8 hours, and I would still need one more after.

Mastectomy fat transfer
DIEP flap transfer

The next surgery came in March of 2021, so this one consisted of lipo suction of my thighs, lipo suction of my belly, trim some fat from my hips to make them even and the fat removed it was transferred to my effected breast. I also got a breast lift and reduction. All those surgeries haven’t been easy. And I would say plastic surgery is not the easy way out.

Cancer free after 2 years Mastectomy

It’s been a total of 2 years and I can now say that I am cancer free and done with my reconstruction. 

Mastectomy breast in bra

Advice for newcomers: I take care of my mental health. I see a therapist that helps me with what’s left of me and is helping me pick up the pieces. I know that I will never be the same person I was before cancer but I am starting to get to know the person I am and embracing my scars. 

I would like for people to be advocates of their own bodies and get to know them and know when things are not right. 

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Diagnosed at 33

Houston, Texas, USA