Double Mastectomy, Expanders to Implants 9.2

This image is one of my paintings that I did in March of this year. My truth.

Mastectomy scar artwork

My mother survived Stage IV ovarian cancer in 2019. Her surgeon encouraged her to have genetic testing. She, my sister, and I are all BRCA2 positive.

Last year we had prophylactic hysterectomies. This year we had our mastectomies.

She was able to have direct implants over the muscle, and I had to have tissue expanders.

Direct implants over the muscle
Mastectomy before and after
Painful mastectomy scars

It’s been incredibly painful. My surgery was 7/12/21 and my last fill was 10/10/21. I am currently at 725ml

Mastectomy expanders hard as rocks

The expanders are hard as rocks. I cannot wait to get the actual implants. I can tolerate looking incredibly disfigured knowing that I have reduced my risk of getting cancer.

Surgeon: Dr. Henry at Penn State Hershey Medical in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA